Run Rome The Marathon

Rome runs with you!

You ready to take the call?

March 19, 2023, edition 28.

Set the date with history and your story. Rome awaits you and runs with you for 42,195km, supports you, embraces you.

Dream, run, have fun, get excited. Become a marathon runner of the Eternal City.

Run Rome The Marathon is a trip to the Eternal City that will make you fall in love with running and marathon, forever. The beats of your heart will go to the rhythm of those of the other participants in the race, with them you will share the entire path of wonders: starting from the Imperial Forums, passing in front of the Vittoriano, in Piazza Venezia, you will place your gaze on the Circus Maximus, you will feel the breeze of the Lungotevere, and then again you will pass in front of Castel Sant'Angelo and Viale della Conciliazione with the Basilica of San Pietro.